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Print Me A Pizza

A Barcelona-based start-up, Natural Machines, has invented a culinary version of a 3D-printer called “Foodini.”

The microwave-size gadget, with a price tag of $1,000, uses 3D-printing technology. Only, instead of printing out plastic, in layers, it uses edible ingredients, squeezed out of stainless steel nozzles.

Is this the device, which will unveil an era of automatic meals at the push of a button? No, we’re not quite there yet.

For it to print out a burger patty, it’d need to be loaded with ground beef ahead of time. And it won’t crank out a pizza unless you supply it with the dough.

Besides, it only takes care of those processes of food preparation that call for finesse, graft, dexterity, and time. It’ll create, for instance, a batch of ornamental chocolate snowflakes in a jiffy.

Also, it only prints raw food. Yes, it’ll crank out dinosaur-shaped cookies, but you must still bake them.

So, it’s still a far cry from the “food replicators” in “Star Trek,” in which you inserted a card into a slot, and a ready-to-eat dinner appeared on a tray.

h/t: CNN


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