3D Pleasure That Fits In Your Palm

Introduced in 1939, the View-Master was a stereoscope device.

It was in 1976 that I had my first 3D experience on the red View-Master that my parents had got me.

It came with an accompanying set of thin cardboard disks, known as “reels,” which had photographs of Disney characters, natural wonders, popular destinations, and the like. All you did was insert them into the slot, and turn the key. Next, you were standing in front of the Old Faithful, the Eiffel Tower, or Mount Rushmore.

Unlike today’s 3D motion picture, these photographs were still, but they still gave you a sense of being elsewhere, somewhere far away, without going anywhere.

Now, Mattel and Google have partnered to bring the classic toy into the 21st century. The updated version looks a little like a Fisher-Price take on the Oculus Rift.

The 21st century View-Master.



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