Advertising, Food

Lard This Good, Can’t Be Bad

This is an illustration of a can of Swift’s pre-fried bacon.

There’s something irrepressibly charming about vintage advertisements, such as this one.

There’s a print advertisement from Swift, dating back to 1916, to an era when women, though were dissuaded from being breadwinners, received fulsome praise if they could bake their own breads.

Its message couldn’t be more direct.

A spoonful is all you need if you use Swift’s “Silverleaf” Brand Pure Lard to make these good things.

It makes “making” seem so effortless, and the kitchen, a place of uncommon comfort.

A blurb, on the lower left, gave short recipes of the “good things”—graham muffins, gingerbread, and coconut cookies—that could be made with it.

It showed a matronly hand, ladling the product out of a little tin pail, with an oversized spoon.

In its totality, the advertisement is so sweetly innocent and elementary that one almost feels a stab of guilt for not snatching the apron off its hook, rolling up the blouse sleeves, and getting down to kneading some serious dough.


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