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Robo-Chef: Rustle Up A Crab Bisque

Some people, like me, enjoy making dinner. Others consider it a dark art, best left to a microwave oven or a domestic helpmate. And failing either of these, they order takeout.

But there may be another option in the future. At a recent technology trade fair in Hannover, Germany, the world’s first robot chef was unveiled.

Instead of creating a complex food-processor, its creator, Moley Robotics, built a pair of mechanical arms, which can be used to cook more or less anything.

A pair of dexterous robotic hands, suspended from the ceiling, assemble the ingredients, mix them, and cook them in pots and pans as required, on a hob or in an oven. When the dish is ready, they then serve it with the flourish of a professional.

The machine, which has human-size hands, with jointed fingers and thumbs, has a culinary finesse that comes from copying the actions and movements of a certain human chef.

The commercial model will go on sale in a couple of years, with a price tag of around $15,000.


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