A Misshapen Pizza

In “A Highly Unlikely Scenario,” Rachel Cantor presents a future-ish society, where the relationship between state, religion, and private enterprise is a highly unlikely one.

Food chains aren’t secular businesses that serve a quick snack. They’re public sector organizations that make up a gastronomic oligarchy, interested neither purely in moolah, nor in machismo. Each espouses a pre-Socratic philosophy, whose true end goal is to convert customers to its credo.

In such a milieu, a young man sits in an immaculately white room, diligently listening to complaints. In the employ of Neetsa Pizza—a chain that makes pies, shaped by Pythagorean geometry—he runs a one-man call center. One night, a phone call from a stranger connects him to a world 800 years in his past, where figures like Marco Polo, Roger Bacon, and Pope Boniface VIII exist.

The story begins promisingly, with a bang, but fizzles out in a whimper.


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