He Sculpted Everything He Eat

“Food Chain Project” is a pop-up supermarket that sells sculptural groceries.

Over the course of 365 days, Itamar Gilboa, an Amsterdam-based artist, consumed 133 cucumbers; 567 slices of bread; 155 lemons; 32 gallons of Diet Coke; 490 tomatoes; and three figs, among many others things.

In the “Food Chain Project,” he’s made sculptures—6,000 in all—of everything he ate or drank, cast them in pure white, and arranged them in a room, set up like a faux supermarket.

This is a cool example of a blend of two technology-driven trends—quantified self (a movement to use apps and wearable devices to obsessively track one’s personal data) and data visualization—brought into the meatspace.

h/t: WIRED


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