A Concrete Village On Mars

The road to a Martian village could be paved with yellow bricks.
The road to a Martian village could be paved with yellow bricks.

Red Mars may have roads made of yellow brick. If not very yellow, then certainly, orange-yellow.

A team of researchers at Northwestern University has developed a kind of concrete for Mars that doesn’t require water. Instead, it combines Martian soil with liquid sulfur, obtained by heating the element up to 240 Fahrenheit until it melts into a lemon-yellow puddle.

The material would be twice as strong as Earthly concrete. Plus, it’d be highly recyclable. It could be reheated until the sulfur melted, and the entire block became malleable again, so it could be reset into a new form.

h/t: Co.DESIGN


10 thoughts on “A Concrete Village On Mars

      1. It’s an interesting question. And one that I’m still searching for an answer to. I think it’s tricky to write strictly utopian fiction in the sense that everything will be perfect, because there’d be no story, no adventure, no drama. But on the other hand, almost all fiction could be seen to be utopian, because it attempts to imagine a world that is not this world. Somewhere in between, there’s fiction that is driven by a sense of hope that has a kind of utopian drive to it. I’ll be publishing some essays soon that explore the utopian drive in fiction/literature, and how it can be recognised in unexpected places – Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, for example.

        But if I had to give some good recommendations, I would recommend Ursula Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness and Angela Carter’s The Passion of New Eve. One great read from a small publisher is Futures by Ken Edwards (Reality Street Press). I’ll be looking out for more by Ken this year, and exploring the riches of the small press to see what kinds of new utopian fiction are being published.

        Hope this helps a little. Check out my essays and fictions scheduled for later this month, and I’ll always be posting up recommended reads when I find them too. 🙂

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  1. Brian: Right, I do post a lot of space stuff, don’t I? You know, you just asked me a question so dear to me. And this is a serious response. Yes, I so wish I could live anywhere off-Earth, but I never applied to the Mars One program. I’ve crossed the age limit to emigrate. Or so I think.


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