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One Snowflake. One Million Snowflakes.

An illustration from “Snow,” by Uri Shulevitz.

After seeing no trace of winter, so far, who’d have thought that we’d get hammered by a snowstorm that would make it to the record books. The two-day storm began on the midnight of Friday, stopping shortly after 10 p.m. on Saturday.

The National Weather Service recorded 26.8 inches in Central Park, missing a record by a mere 1/10 of an inch (set when 26.9 inches of snow piled up in February, 2006.) But Saturday’s total of 26.6 inches was a record for a single day.

h/t: NYT


4 thoughts on “One Snowflake. One Million Snowflakes.”

  1. Lovely. Though the magic of snow might lost if you live in upstate New York, have to shovel your way down to the station… But if you live in manhattan, queens, brooklyn and can escape to Central Park with a sledge… That would be magic, wouldn’t it? 🙂

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