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50 Collective Nouns

A collection of collective nouns from James Lipton’s “An Exaltation of Larks.”

1. Business of ferrets.
2. Labor of moles.
3. Mustering of storks.
4. Shrewdness of apes.
5. Gam of whales.
6. Smack of jellyfish.
7. Host of angels.
8. Fusillade of bullets.
9. Baptism of fire.
10. Quiver of arrows.
11. Tissue of lies.
12. Murder of crows.
13. Unkindness of ravens.
14. Dule of doves.
15. Clutter of cats.
16. Kindle of kittens.
17. Mute of hounds.
18. Pass of asses.
19. Ostentation of peacocks.
20. Team of ducks (when flying.)
21. Paddling of ducks (when on water.)
22. Trip of goats.
23. Sloth (or sleuth) of bears.
24. Charm of finches.
25. Hill of beans.
26. String of ponies.
27. Hand of bananas.
28. College of cardinals.
29. Shock of corn.
30. Band of men.
31. Knot of toads.
32. Wedge of swans (when flying.)
33. Parliament of owls.
34. Superfluity of nuns.
35. Abominable sight of monks.
36. Untruth of summoners.
37. Doctrine of doctors.
38. Damning of jurors.
39. Sentence of judges.
40. Rascal of boys.
41. Gaggle of women.
42. Gaggle of gossips.
43. Impatience of wives.
44. Tabernacle of bakers.
45. Poverty of pipers.
46. Fighting of beggars.
47. Neverthriving of jugglers.
48. Herd of harlots.
49. Worship of writers.
50. Hastiness of cooks.


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