Come, Fly With Me (At Mach 2.2)

Boom, in flight.

A little over a decade after the Concorde was grounded, Boom, an aviation start-up, based in Colorado, wants to build a small fleet of supersonic passenger jets—but with fares one-fourth that of the Concorde.

The aircraft, also called Boom, would cruise at Mach 2.2—mildly faster than the Concorde—which is more than twice the speed of sound or about 1,680 m.p.h., making the trip from New York to London in a comfortable three and a half hours.

It’ll have less than half the seats of the Anglo-French airliner—only 40—split into two rows, on either side of the aisle. Which means that every passenger will have a window seat that looks out on the planet’s curvature as the plane cruises at 60,000 feet and have the drinks trolley within arm’s reach.

Where a round-trip on the Concorde would’ve cost some $20,000, on the Boom, it’d be $5,000.


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