Swinging Sixties

Trip Of Love

“Trip of Love” is a new off-Broadway musical that’s a mélange of popular numbers and dances from the Sixties. I found it to be a high-voltage, psychedelic performance.

6 thoughts on “Swinging Sixties”

  1. Have you seen it? Is it good? (At least the music shoud be…)
    I sometimes wonder about seeing my childhood or my youth slowly turning into history… 🙂
    (I did wear bottom bell trousers and flowered shirts…)
    Be good my dear.

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      1. I remember telling my mother at that time in reference to the roaring twenties, that maybe one day one would speak of the roaring sixties. She said “Nah”. She was wrong. Looking back, and having lived it, the clue may reside in the total explosion of freedom: civil rights, music, women’s lib (Today’s women’s access to much wht they want was barely starting), intense creativity. Think Slade before Elton John. Something (good) was happening everyday. And the bad too: JFK (I remember), Dr King, Bobby Kennedy. But overall the creativity overcame everything. 🙂 And then produced the greed of the 80’s which is still ruling everything. 😦
        Set your spirit free (As Tiffany Choong says)

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      1. California dreaming. Moon river. (Mentioned in the ad) I still have the Hair LP. Live Cream with Clapton. Of course, I’m very partial to the Brits of those days. Jeff Beck. And many others. (Love the movie Blowup. We may have mentioned it before) I saw Woodstock on its release. I probably know the movie and the songs by heart.


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