Leaves Of Wool

The patterns on area rugs that grace the living rooms of the West are mostly Eastern in origin.


Ikat is a kind of textile, which is dyed after being folded, twisted or pleated and only then woven. This is what gives it a rustic blurriness.


A decorative motif of Moorish roots, Arabesque has interlacing and intersecting flowers, foliage, tendrils, or plain lines that curve and cross each other, often in combination with other elements.


Paisley is a composition of droplet shapes. Persian in origin, it became very popular in the West in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Navajo 2
Navajo 1

Navajo rugs and fabrics are woven by members of the Navajo tribe and have a geometric appeal.

What’s common to all of these is their unique vibrancy.


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