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A Drone That Trundles Along Sidewalks

Starship Technologies' ground-delivery robot.
Starship Technologies’ ground-delivery robot.

As companies like Amazon, Wal-Mart and DHL begin to invest in drones to deliver packages by air, a company called Starship Technologies has developed what is, in essence, a ground drone that looks like a little Mars buggy.

Its fleet of squat, six-wheeled, battery powered robots are capable of trundling along a sidewalk, climbing up a ramp and dropping off groceries at a doorstep.

Switzerland will roll them out soon.

h/t: CNN


1 thought on “A Drone That Trundles Along Sidewalks”

  1. I’ve read about that in Le Point. Quite amazing. I think we are really entering – only now – the SciFi world…
    I still have some concern about jobs. Home delivery is a perfect job for non-skilled workers. It doesn’t require a Phd. But if those jobs are “automatized”, what will the high school drop-outs do? 😦

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