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How To E-Mail (Effectively)

To be able to e-mail effectively, you have to be mildly impolite.

1. No sign-off. Best? Cheers? Thanks? None of these.
2. No greeting.
3. Brevity signals respect. Write three sentences or fewer.
4. Don’t let the inbox become a to-do list.
5. Check only twice or thrice a day.



4 thoughts on “How To E-Mail (Effectively)”

  1. Hi. Understand your point but I have to disagree. (Except for the 3 sentences, which is great; plus the fact that one mail should only tackle one issue) I tend to use my phone as my “walking” office. So my in-box is indeed my “to-do” box. 🙂 mail warnings allow me to see if immediate action is required. If not, that’ll wait until I’m back at my Mac. And “Hi” and “Cheers” can be built in the signature. (Remember I live in Mexico, where greetings are very important). “Cheers!”


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