Make America Vote Again?

Art: Matt Blease.
Art: Matt Blease.

In the poem, “Die Lösung” (“The Solution”), penned by Bertolt Brecht in response to an uprising in East Germany in 1953, he made a suggestion.

He wrote that if the government wasn’t happy with the verdict of its people, it needn’t attempt to win back their confidence. It’d be far easier for it to “dissolve the people and elect another.”

But now, the electoral outcome being what it is, wouldn’t it be “great” if we could “make America vote again?”

3 thoughts on “Make America Vote Again?”

  1. “Dissolve the people”? 🙂 Brecht was a fantastic thinker… The fact is: why have various people elected “Brexit”? Berlusconi? Trump? Chavez? Or voted for an Italian clown? Why, why, why? Half the country(ies) is not stupid. They want something, that is clearly not supplied by “the system”. Once we have found the answer, we will in in better shape. Meanwhile, in January, a very questionable character will have access to half the world’s nuclear bombs. (Did you get my mail back? I have such a mail backlog I don’t know where to start. Be good “Ally”.) 😉


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