Architecture, Space

Plan To Dangle A Tower From A Space Rock

The tower, hanging down from space.

New York-based architecture firm, Clouds Architecture Office, has proposed a blueprint for a skyscraper that would win it a round of applause from Kim Stanley Robinson.

The slim, but colossal tower would be built not up from the ground, but down from the sky, by suspending it (by cables) from an asteroid, orbiting Earth. Which means, it too, would whirl along with it. In its daily loop across the heavens, swinging like a pendulum, it’d trace a figure of eight.

Offices would be placed at the lower end of it and residences, between 25,000 and 35,000 feet—the altitude at which jets commercial fly. Places of worship and funerary would be spread along the uppermost section, soaring into space.

The size and shape of the windows along it would change with height to accommodate the differences in pressure and temperature.

Residents would parachute down to the ground when they’d need to.



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