Building A Sun On Earth

Switching on the Sun.

What will our cars and planes and trains run on when petroleum runs out? Hydrogen, obtained from the Sun, is a green fuel.

Researchers at a research facility in Jülich, Germany, have built a faux Sun—Synlight—inside a three-story building, made of 149 souped-up Xenon lamps, which produce light about 10,000 times the intensity of natural sunlight on Earth.

In essence, it’s made of light bulbs so powerful that when focused on a single point, they can raise the temperature to 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit–and cause a burn if you entered the room when they’re on.

To create clean energy, the experiment guzzles a lot of energy. Four hours of operation consumes as much electricity as a four-person household in a year. But researchers hope to harvest it from the Sun one day.



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