Writer, New York.

My byline has appeared in The Atlantic, Discovery News, Thought Catalog, Red Wedge, The Indypendent and elsewhere.

I’d dreamed of working as an airline pilot, but by a quirk of fate—and under the tutelage of a pair of doting, but disciplinarian parents—I ended up being in the newspaper business, not in the cockpit of a jumbo jet.

Still, I did my job fairly well, even though I tempted the firing squad more than once. So, I’ve tasted the magic and the dread of journalism. My career didn’t take me places. I took it, from the smog-drenched streets of a crowded, chaotic Asian capital to a tropical island—home to one of the oldest rainforests in the world—to the barren prairies of the American Midwest to Arcadian New England hamlets.

This journey—both through places and broadsheets—was an occasion to cover a potpourri of events in municipal governments, cop houses, courts, schools, Main Street, and everything in between. I’ve worked as a reporter and an editor, in publications, both paper and electronic, in metropolitan dailies and community rags.


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      1. 🙂 Cold cuts just came to my mind because of your brilliant “fridge” Idea! Use it! Perfectly appropriate.


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