Exalting Rural America

“American Gothic” (1930).

If you’re like me, then when you think of Grant Wood, what pops to mind is “American Gothic” (1930), an indelible piece of Americana. But he has far more than a single picture to his name.

Dinner For Threshers (1934)
“Dinner For Threshers” (1934).

The “Dinner for Threshers,” which I like the best, depicts a farmhouse meal at harvest time.

In the kitchen, there’s a wood stove; a cat near the rag rug; a woman holding a bowl of mashed potatoes; a red pump at the sink; a white coffee pot on the stove; a cabinet full of white china; a poker; a stack of firewood. 14 men are eating at the dining table. On the wall behind them is a framed painting. Yes, a painting inside a painting.

Fall Plowing (1931)
“Fall Plowing” (1931).
Spring Plowing (1932)
“Spring Plowing” (1932).
January (1940)
“January” (1940).