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Climate-Change To Make Flights More Bumpy

Air travel is likely to get a lot bumpier because of climate-change, a new study suggests.

Doubling of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere would increase the average amount of severe cloudless, “clear air” turbulence by 149 percent. Commercial passenger jets, on long-haul flights, routinely cruise at altitudes of five to seven miles.


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Hop On And Fly Away … In A Taxi

Like the flying saucer-shaped car, envisioned in the Fifties, commuters in Dubai will soon be able to hop aboard flying taxis and “soar over busy streets and past the desert city’s gleaming skyscrapers, all—quite literally—at the push of a button.”

The eight-rotor passenger drone, capable of carrying a single, 220-pound rider and a piece of small luggage, can fly up to about 30 miles or about 30 minutes, on a single battery charge. It has a top speed of 100 m.p.h., but it’d, typically, operate at 62 m.p.h.

h/t: NYT