The Little Coffeemaker That Could

We resumed brewing coffee at home after a long gap of about 19 months. I see it as a good omen and the herald of better days to come.

For the purpose, we bought a new coffeemaker, though a much smaller one than we had earlier. Everything about Mr. Coffee’s 4-cup coffeemaker is, well, small, from the size of the decanter to the paper filter to the gadget itself.

It’s an astoundingly simple analog machine that has only one button. The only challenge it presents is in the area of measurements. As Starbucks’ 16-ounce bags of ground blends are made for standard, 12-cup coffeemakers, I had to do a little math to nip and tuck the recommended proportion to fit our dollhouse-size pot.

To make 6 ounces of coffee, you need 2 tablespoons of grounds.
To make 1 ounce of coffee, you need 1/3 tablespoon of grounds.
Therefore, to make 15 ounces of coffee, you need 1/3 x 15 tablespoons of grounds = 5 tablespoons = 0.3 cups.
In Mr. Coffee’s coffeemaker, 1 cup equals 5 ounces of coffee. So, 3 cups equal 15 ounces.


Fun Away From The Sun

The heat felt like 108 Fahrenheit on July 1, 2018.

July kicked off with blazing heat, with the air sizzling at 108 Fahrenheit.

On a day like this, most would head to the pool or the beach or the fountain. Not me. I stayed away from water. Instead, I drove in the hazy sunshine up to the mountains in the Catskills.

The 24/7 Diner at Resorts World, Catskills, where we didn’t eat.

Half the day was spent at Resorts World, New York’s newest casino, in Monticello. But it wasn’t gambling that was on my mind. Heck, I don’t even know how to work a slot machine.

I chose that venue just so I could be in an air-conditioned environment—and not have to pay for it—as well as to keep my car in the shade of an underground garage free of charge.

This is the paradox of gambling. When you win cash, it’s a mark of clear victory. But losing a small sum of money—as small as $6—is a gain just as well.

I spent the other half of the day at the bowling alley and at the movie theater, where I caught “Ocean’s 8.”

Even though I didn’t return home with wads of bills, I still won. I had a wonderful outing.