Did The Führer Wear This Fragrance?

A flacon of N°4711.
A flacon of N°4711.

Germany is famous for its beers, bratwursts and engineering, but not so much for its fragrances, even though the Cologne in “eau de cologne” refers to its ancient town of Cologne.

N°4711, a fragrance by Mäurer & Wirtz, qualifies its eau de cologne as “original” as it has been produced there since 1799.

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There’s An Uber For That!

There’s a wave of single-purpose apps, a category whose popularity has reached a tipping point. Consider the many firms that, as Uber does with cars, promise the delivery of a service in physical space at the tap of a button.

Shortcut: A grooming service for men that brings a professionally trained barber to your home, office, or hotel.

Minibar: Drops a bottle of alcohol at your doorstep.

Doughbies: Delivers freshly-baked treats.

JetMe: Uber for private jets.

Eaze: A marijuana-delivery service.

zTailors: A network of mobile tailors for both men and women.