Hop On And Fly Away … In A Taxi

Like the flying saucer-shaped car, envisioned in the Fifties, commuters in Dubai will soon be able to hop aboard flying taxis and “soar over busy streets and past the desert city’s gleaming skyscrapers, all—quite literally—at the push of a button.”

The eight-rotor passenger drone, capable of carrying a single, 220-pound rider and a piece of small luggage, can fly up to about 30 miles or about 30 minutes, on a single battery charge. It has a top speed of 100 m.p.h., but it’d, typically, operate at 62 m.p.h.

h/t: NYT


Edible Filigree

A bowl of su filindeu.
A bowl of su filindeu.

Su filindeu (Italian for “threads of god”) is the rarest and the most endangered pasta in the world. Only three women know how to make it.

[It’s] made by pulling and folding semolina dough into 256 perfectly even strands with the tips of your fingers and then stretching the needle-thin wires diagonally across a circular frame in an intricate, three-layered pattern. The base is then set out to dry in the Sardinian Sun.

After a few hours, they form into sheets of white, razor-thin pasta that resembles filigree.

It’s so difficult and time-consuming to prepare that for the past 200 years, the sacred dish has only been served to the faithful who complete a 20-mile pilgrimage on foot or horseback from Nuoro to the village of Lula for the biannual Feast of San Francesco.

Now, it’ offered by three local restaurants.

h/t: BBC